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HARMION - Part one

A Son must survive his father

 An ancient world has been devastated by forty years of war. The reign of kings is over; the royal lines betrayed by those who had pledged to protect them. 

Far to the south of the blood-lands, a small village clings to some semblance of life. Tritan, an ex-soldier born in the clutches of war, struggles to rebuild his. Bloodshed is all he has ever known.

Tritan is exiled from his village, his son is dying. His own father, the warlord Augustus is missing and so Tritan must confront his past and follow in his father’s footsteps. But will he redeem himself and discover the truth of a mythical cure before it’s too late?

Harmion is available to buy on the Amazon store.

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The Heart Thief

Book One of The Time Thief Trilogy

The Hope family have been bonded with dragons for centuries, taming them and controlling the temperature of the Earth’s core through their fiery breath. But when that bond is broken through tragedy, a series of devastating eruptions occur, threatening the balance above and below the world’s surface.

More news about this series will be available towards the end of 2019.